How Technology Has Affected The Music Industry

music player on ipad

Modern technology has affected the music industry in many positive ways because it has not been too long ago when the recording was extremely laborious and time-consuming. For example, a recording artist such as Bobby Vee back in the 1960s would have to do a complete song, backed by strings, percussion, and other needed instruments.

Then a master would be made from the tape that worked the best, and made into vinyl which became the final product that was sold.

Now with everything electronic, the strings, percussion, keyboard and whatever else is needed is simply added from the computer as the artist sings. Backgrounds can be added, and the whole affair becomes a canvas of sound.

While this is a good thing, and the recording can now be distributed by MP3 and MP$ and CD, it is also very easy for someone to copy and hijack the song, or just get it for free by copying someone else’s copy.

What has happened is that the record companies are in constant jeopardy of losing their investment in an artist and his or her music since it is so easy to rip it off, and just get it for free. This cuts out an immense profit on the time and investment it took to create the music in the first place.

So, technology has been a double-edged sword in that what has enabled the industry to be able to create unparalleled sounds very easily and magnificently has also made it possible for just about anyone to grab it and steal it.

It is not cheap at all to produce, record, and then market a record album, and there are many record labels who are very concerned by this trend. People are actually buying less music in the traditional manner because of this, and it is of great concern to everyone in the industry.

It has cut down appreciably on the chance for newer artists to have a label even give them an audition because record labels are tightening up the numbers of an artist with whom they are a likely record, as it costs too much money to be taking any risks on newer artists. The record companies are only willing to take risks on the artists that the record company is fairly sure to have sales due to a possible hit record.

While it is possible to code the CDs. for example to prevent piracy, eventually someone figures out the code, and it suddenly becomes a losing proposition for the record company.