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It wasn’t long ago that Blake Shelton started dating Gwen Stefani, while they were together as judges on the hit television show ‘The Voice.’ And then, like a bombshell, it was announced that Gwen was pregnant. I remember seeing it on the newsstands at a grocery checkout, and I really thought it was a lie, you know, one of those stories printed in the tabloids. However, it is 100 percent true, as Gwen really is pregnant, and her and Blake are still together.

In the most recent news dealing with the music news and gossip, did you see what the Spotify CEO said about the music industry? He essentially said that Spotify is the reason the music industry is still alive. While I do see where he’s coming from, I have news for him. People are going to keep making music, and they are going to keep selling music. Music is part of our culture.

When it comes to companies like Spotify, they might be capitalizing off of the future of the music industry, but they are also, if anything, the bane of the music industry. Do you remember what Taylor Swift said about Spotify at one point? She wouldn’t even allow her music to be used by the company.

Nick Jonas is set to put out new music, and I’m sure all the girls are happy about that one. We’ve talked about Blake Shelton’s new love, but do you remember his old flame? Miranda Lambert has found her someone, too. She is now dating Anderson East, who is an Indie artist. How are we doing so far dishing up the latest music news and gossip? Are you ready to hear more?

Evidently Steven Tyler is making country music, and Chris Young and Cassadee Pope gave a short concert while flying Southwest Airlines. The Oscars are this coming Sunday, so who do you think is going to win for best original score? The nominees have been set for quite some time, and it’s always interesting to see what happens.

Music legend David Bowie passed away not too long ago, and there have been many tributes to him since. The Voice is about to start another season, and Christina Aguilera is going to be replacing Gwen Stefani this season. Of course, I’m sure Gwen will be back soon enough. That’s about all the latest music news and gossip for now folks.