Update On How The Record Industry Sues Copyright Infringers

For many years, especially after the advent of the Internet, it became very common for record companies to sue those that were illegally downloading songs on the Internet. It was a very simple process, one that was initially prevented by the lawsuit and victory of the record industry suing Napster. However, due to changes that have happened in regard to federal copyrights, these infringement lawsuits have diminished since 2009 and have actually virtually abandoned the litigation against not only people that are sharing songs, but those that provide the medium by which this is possible. Going down as low as 2000 lawsuits, this is nearly half what was traditionally filed going back as far as 2005, and there is a reason for the diminishing numbers of lawsuits that have been put forth by the record industry.

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History Of Litigation Against Those Sharing Songs


If you go back as far as 1993, the average number of lawsuits ranged between 2000 and 3000 every year. This occurred up until 2005 where there was a dramatic spike, tripling that number. Since that time, over the last several years, the number of lawsuits has diminished which seems to be transitioning over to the film industry. The reason that it may have diminished has to do with a return on investment. For instance, the lawsuits have not prevented people from actually downloading songs. In fact, there seems to be an upwards trend in the illegal sharing and downloading of music. The same is true for the video industry, specifically movies, as it seems that the more that lawsuits are filed, the more that these individuals that are capable will begin to find additional ways to share this information.


Why This Will Continue To Diminish


What the record industry has noticed is that, when looking at a span of the last few decades, there has not been a dramatic decrease in the number of sales that are actually made. There have been transitions that have occurred such as the advent of Apple coming out with iTunes, which has become one of their most profitable businesses that are part of the Apple Corporation. It is this ease of access, where someone can order a song for a dollar, an amount that people really don’t think about when they are making an impulse buy, that has generated billions of dollars in sales. People are not so much concerned about freebies as they are a convenience, and that is exactly what you have on your smartphones and other devices where this type of downloading as possible.


Other Trends That Have Changed Their Viewpoint


Additionally, there have been other changes that have motivated the record industry to not worry so much about downloading songs. One of those is the gaming industry, specifically games that are multiplayer games that millions of people participate in every day. The reason that this plays a role in whether or not lawsuits will continue is how profitable these businesses have become. Some of them started just a few years ago and have actually sold for billions of dollars. People find it very convenient to simply purchase coins, tokens, or whatever is necessary to move up the levels, and have no problem doing this. They also are not looking for a way to get free tokens as much because the convenience factor is what is most important to them. This is evident based upon the revenue that is generated by these companies, and the fact that gambling corporations are purchasing these games clearly shows that they see it is a profitable business model. In the same way, when you are able to download a song within seconds that you want to hear, and keep that on your smartphone or another portable device, people will always choose convenience over having to go to all of the trouble to hide their IP address and download songs that may not be available for several hours.


How This Looks For The Future


The future looks very promising in regard to both camps. The record industry is making more money than ever before due to providing their songs through mediums that make it easy for people to purchase what they are selling. On the other hand, those that are downloading songs illegally, individuals that are actually taking the time to do this, and the companies that provide the cloaked IP addresses, are actually making just as much money as they did before, perhaps, even more, showing that this type of focus may not be very important in regard to litigating people that are occasionally downloading on the web.


Although the record industry once thought that it would be a good idea to continue to sue people, creating fear within the masses, what they have realized is that targeting people is not the key to diminishing free downloads. The key is to appeal to the needs of the people in a way that is more important to them which refers to the ability to instantly access the songs on their phone within seconds. Even though they may pay $10 or $20 every single month for the songs that they want to hear, they are not so much worried about because of the convenience factor. Taking this into account, this may be one of the many reasons that litigations are diminishing in regard to the downloading of songs simply because it’s costing the record industry money, and they are making so much more money by using venues that allow instant downloads.

Different Kinds Of Music

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Music is great, but what are some of the different kinds that are out there for you to listen to? Does it always have to be one type of music that you get stuck with? Why not open things up a bit and listen to everything else that is on offer?

You should look at everything because that is the best way to go.

You want to look at the five mentioned in this read along with some of the others that are out and about as well. Don’t pressurize yourself into only listening to one type.


The first kind of music that will be looked at in this read would be rap music.

This rhythmic music that is reliant on the verses and what is being said along with the beat has become popular in the 21st century.

With the likes of Tupac making it famous during the 20th century, it has come a long way and continues to grow.

The likes of Eminem, Lil Wayne, Drake, and many others are now involved in the rap scene and have made a name for themselves.

It is a fascinating genre and one that is loved around the world.


This is music that looks to create regular beats you would hear on the radio all the time. It takes a little bit of everything and puts it together to create something that is catchy and easy to the ears.

Many celebrities have been formed in this genre of music. Some would say it is the most popular kind of music in this day and age.

With the likes of Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Madonna, Elvis Presley, Elton John, and Mariah Carey, you know this is a big time genre.

There are much more who have not been named and are just as famous.

Hip Hop

For those who are not into rap as much, they might prefer to go with hip hop. This is a different type of music that is reliant on beats but singing as well.

It is one of those genres that is often confused with rap because of how similar they are, but some variations have to be considered as you are talking about the two together.

The emphasis is on the rhythm of this genre, and it was founded in the US.

It has created a sub-culture of its own that hip hop is famous for now.


This is one of those genres that has been around for a long time and is one many people find to be “elegant” and something they enjoy relaxing too. Classical music is reliant on the use of gentle instruments.

Whether it is the violin, flute, or piano, they all come together to create this beautiful genre.

While it might not be as popular as it used to be in the 18th century, it still has a major role to play when it comes to the world of music.

Many great musicians are in this genre.


The last kind that will be discussed here would be rock music. This is different to some of the other genres you get to hear as there is an emphasis on being explosive with the music.

This means you are going to hear the excessive use of guitars and drums.

The singing also requires a certain level of belting that is a talent of its own.

This genre is popular and has led to some of the greatest bands of all time such as Metallica. Many hardcore fans love rock music.

There are many other types of music, so it is not fair to reserve the options to these five. For those who are looking to expand what they have listened to, it is always recommended to go out and listen to as much as you can from other parts of the world. There is a lot of good music that goes unnoticed, and there is more to the world of music than what is in the Billboard Top 50 that you see every week.

You have to be ready to look at those options as well when you are listening to new music. This is the way to becoming a refined listener.

Defining Apple Music

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Apple has so many products, and you can get lost in all of them over time. They have their ecosystem that has been setup from the early days when it was all about their computers. It is not like that any longer, and they have expanded quite a bit.

Apple Music is one of those realities they have expanded towards in this day and age.

What is Apple Music for those who have never heard about it in the past or might have faintly?

Well, it is one of the unique parts of Apple and its products.

Music Streaming Service


What is Apple Music then? If it was to be defined in a simple manner, one could say it is a new music streaming service where you are paying a set amount to gain access to all of the music they hold the rights to. There is a lot of music, and it is all streamed on your device through the app that is setup.

It is easy to use, and it is one of those streaming services that are valuable to anyone that holds an Apple device in their hands.

It works far better than most other options that are being offered right now.


This service is on-demand, and you can search up what you are looking for in seconds. The best part about Apple Music would be the service and how well the platform is built. If there is one thing Apple does well, it would be building platforms and make entire systems out of what they are doing.

The algorithm is tremendous and is something they should be proud of.

it is built around the idea of making on-demand features available to those who want to listen to new music as soon as they can.

Build Playlists

Are you able to build playlists from the songs that you are streaming or are you only going to be able to listen to it on-demand? You can build playlists as required and that is the best part about having a device that can host Apple Music.

You will be able to create playlists and play them on the device with ease. This is the power of Apple Music in full flow.

This is powerful for those who are looking to stream and enjoy what they are listening to instead of being stuck with one-time listens as that is not good enough for anyone.

Massive Collection

Apple has one of the largest collections in the world when it comes to music. They are always updating what they are streaming, and that bodes well for those who are putting in the monthly payment. People also like the fact you can connect it easily with your Apple devices and get it linked up to iTunes in seconds.

This makes building playlists quite comfortable, and you can make the most of the collection that is in front of you. It is one thing to have a collection and another to use it and that is what Apple does well.

Apple is moving forward, and they are looking to expand as much as they can. This is a music streaming service that has caught on and people love it. Those who own Apple devices feel this is something they can efficiently use, and other competitors are not able to bring the same quality that would be required.

It is best to look at this as a neat investment you can make and enjoy music for a long time to come. You can race through songs and know there are more for you to listen to.

How You Can Keep Track Of The Ways Music Apps Use Data

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While some people have unlimited data available to them on their mobile devices, a lot of people have limits on how much data they can use. Going over those limits can cause them to be charged overage fees. If a person is hit by these fees repeatedly, they may wind up having to spend hundreds to pay them off.


One of the biggest culprits in overage is music apps. A lot of popular music apps use data every time a song is played. People can use up their monthly bandwidth in just a few hours.


Luckily, there are a number of steps people can take to avoid using up all their date right away. Here are a few ways you can track how music apps use data:


Get A Data Tracking App


There are a number of apps available for both iTunes and Android that help you keep track of the data that other apps use. This can be especially helpful if you’re using up all your bandwidth and don’t know why.


A lot of popular music apps use data in the background even if you’re not running them. A data tracking app will make sure you notice this, and will allow you to forcefully close the application.


In some cases, these apps will send you a warning if any of the phones on your plan are about to go over their allotted bandwidth. Some apps will even allow you to disconnect a phone from the internet before overages occur.


These apps make it easy for you to figure out how music apps use data and also give you a number of new ways to avoid pesky overage charges.


Find Out How The Music Is Delivered To Your Phone


Some people are confused when they realize that their favorite music app is using a lot of data. They may not have even realized that the app they were using was connected to the internet at all.


If you want to avoid music apps that use a lot of data, pay close attention to how the app delivers music to you. Apps that stream song will use bandwidth every single time a song is used.


Even if you use an app to play songs that you own, you may wind up using bandwidth if you haven’t take the time to download the song to your phone. Add the music you want to listen to your phone directly. From there, find an app that will allow you to play the mp3 files you have on your phone. You won’t ever use up bandwidth when you play tunes on this phone.


Use Wi-Fi When You Can


You don’t always need to use your phone’s data plan if you want to use your favorite music streaming app. If you’re at home, you can just switch over to wi-fi. That way, you can stream songs without impacting your data plan.


Go to the settings section on your phone and make sure that wi-fi is enabled. Enter in a password if you need to. Once you follow those steps, your phone should connect to your home wi-fi network whenever you’re in range.


Disable Internet If You Have Data Concerns


If you’ve followed these steps but are still worried that you’re using more data than you should be, try disabling the internet connection on your phone. You can easily do this by putting your phone into airplane mode.


From there, try playing your favorite songs. If you’re able to play them without a connection, you won’t have to worry about overages. If the app tries to connect to the internet, you probably want to avoid using it unless you can use your own wi-fi. That data usage can get out of control very quickly.


It’s important for people to track the ways music apps use data. If people don’t keep track of their data usage, they may run out of bandwidth long before the month is over.


Overage charges hurt, but they’re easy to avoid if you have the right tools. Track data usage so that you won’t have any problems when you listen to music.

Some Of The Fantastic Benefits Of Listening To Classical Music

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Classical music is associated with a symbol of status and is typically associated with wealthy people. Using an orchestra to perform at social gatherings or functions was associated with people who have a lot of money. However, today this aspect is still the same but with the advancement in technology along with the music-streaming platforms, it has become an easy task to gain access to this “exclusive” music.


Now that Classical music is available to just about everybody, it is fantastic to find out about some of the outstanding benefits this class of music has on factors such as physical performance, the brain, and mood. Below is a more detailed look associated with listening to this genre of music.


  1. Boosts The Brain

    There is a term known as the “Mozart Effect”, that is associated with the belief that listening to types of music, especially classical music can make people smarter. However, the theory is not that clear cut or simple and various studies have concluded similar trends. One of these studies conducted by Chakravarthi Kanduri a Computational Biology Researcher based at the University of Helsinki involved a study where the participants he used were divided into two groups. The first group was people with musical experience, while the second group had no experience with music. To conclude this study Kanduri suggests that when individuals listen to classical music there was an enhancement in activity associated with genes related mainly to the pleasure and reward along with the proper brain functions and cognitive functions.


  1. Mood Enhancer And Stress-Relief

    When an individual is feeling stressed out overwhelmed, or sad they can truly benefit from taking just a bit of time out of their day to listen to classical music. Classical music is said to have a significant positive effect on stress and mood and can be compared to having similar physiological effects that can be derived from a massage. In addition, music that has heavy beats is loud and aggressive and can have a negative effect on the brain and how stressed out an individual may be feeling. While classical music has the complete opposite effect and promotes a feeling of calm as well as a method to improve one’s mood.


  1. Healing Properties Associated To Classical Music

    Music therapy is a popular method that has been used in a number of holistic and medical fields as far back as the 1800s. Studies over the years have proven that the soothing effects related to classical music have been used in the post-anesthesia units in hospitals to reduce pain as well as improve comfort for patients. The healing effects of this music are associated with the effect of these notes have on a person’s brain. This means that the individual is encouraged to listen and focus on the sounds of the music opposed to their physical pain.


  1. Assists In Helping Individuals To Fall Asleep

    Classical music is regarded as a potent remedy for calming a person’s body and mind in a natural way. It is advisable for people who struggle to unwind from their day at work to put on some classical music the minute they walk through the door. The music is able to assist one in achieving a relaxed state. This remedy has been used for many individuals who suffer from the disorder known as insomnia with other types of mental issues and disorders. Therapists from a number of institutions use natural sounds, classical music, and white noise when they are conducting therapies that involve sleep therapy. It has been suggested that when used consistently, individuals who struggle to fall asleep or relax can substitute their sleep aids or medication with some soothing classical music.


  1. Physical Improvements

    Classical music along with other types of music is a great companion for individuals who enjoy exercise routines at the gym or at home. This is particularly true for endurance exercises such as cycling or running as the music is able to provide that additional push when the individual begins to feel tired. Certain studies have proven that there is a definite correlation that occurs between an increase in physical performance and listening to classical music.


Classical music in this day and age is no longer considered as “high-brow” music. Today classical music is associated with a host of benefits. One of the favorites for most people who listen to this type of music is a way to really relax and unwind after a long day at the office as well as a relaxing way to drift off to sleep at night. In addition, classical music is also great to use for children in the classroom or at home to encourage thinking and creativity. Some of the popular classical legends that are still popular today include Vivaldi, Bach, and Mozart.

The Future Of The Music Industry

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If you’re curious to learn more about the potential future of the music industry, then you’ve come to the right place.


Of course, while nobody can predict the future for sure – and new technology can always have a significant impact on the way we enjoy music – there’s no denying that many changes have occurred over recent decades, and these are sure to have important follow-on effects that may forever change the course of musical history.


In this guide, we are going to discuss some of the primary factors responsible for the changes in the music industry nowadays, and how these may affect the future, so let’s begin.


First of all, Internet piracy has played a significant role in how artists make money from their music – and while some people believe that piracy isn’t necessarily having a huge impact on the profits within the music industry, many big label producers would certainly disagree. What’s more, smaller, independent artists can often struggle to fund their work due to the impact that Internet piracy has.


But another key factor is modern technology – and more specifically – how it has forever changed the way people listen to and enjoy music. In particular, streaming services such as Spotify and Deezer allow people to enjoy music for free, albeit interlaced with advertising. But for a small fee, it’s possible to sign up for a premium account, which allows you to digest a huge swathe of music for one low monthly price.


Of course, this is fantastic news for any music fan who is looking to indulge in a broad and eclectic taste in music. However, many record labels and artists have complained that the reimbursement they receive from the rental rights of streaming services are minuscule in comparison to the money they would make from people purchasing their music outright.


On the other hand, some artists eagerly support these services, because it allows them to broaden their reach and increase their audience around the world. So for a beginning artist, these services can allow them to reach a whole new audience and ultimately build a career out of thin air – without needing to rely so heavily on the approval of a big-name record label.


Yet another key aspect of the music industry is live performance – and even though the Internet age has resulted in disaster for many artists, there is still a huge percentage of the population who attend live music events, and for many artists, this gives them the potential to build their audience and earn a respectable income from their craft.


Based on the way things are going, it’s clear to see that many artists are focusing more on the live music industry, rather than hoping to earn big bucks from selling records by themselves.


While big-name artists can still succeed through the traditional route, it’s becoming clear that newer, fledgling artists are struggling to receive exposure due to the fact of record labels not being willing to take a risk on anything that isn’t guaranteed to turn a significant profit.


But live music still provides a fantastic avenue for an artist to express themselves to a wider audience and see if they can build a career from their talent and skill.


Ultimately, the future of the music industry can look either promising or scary, depending on the viewpoint you view it from. For listeners, there has never been a more convenient time to appreciate a diverse range of music. But for artists, it can be difficult to gain the much-needed exposure to make a decent living from the craft.


While nobody can tell what will happen for sure, it’s guaranteed that the future of music is going to be very different than times gone by.

How Technology Has Affected The Music Industry

music player on ipad

Modern technology has affected the music industry in many positive ways because it has not been too long ago when the recording was extremely laborious and time-consuming. For example, a recording artist such as Bobby Vee back in the 1960s would have to do a complete song, backed by strings, percussion, and other needed instruments.

Then a master would be made from the tape that worked the best, and made into vinyl which became the final product that was sold.

Now with everything electronic, the strings, percussion, keyboard and whatever else is needed is simply added from the computer as the artist sings. Backgrounds can be added, and the whole affair becomes a canvas of sound.

While this is a good thing, and the recording can now be distributed by MP3 and MP$ and CD, it is also very easy for someone to copy and hijack the song, or just get it for free by copying someone else’s copy.

What has happened is that the record companies are in constant jeopardy of losing their investment in an artist and his or her music since it is so easy to rip it off, and just get it for free. This cuts out an immense profit on the time and investment it took to create the music in the first place.

So, technology has been a double-edged sword in that what has enabled the industry to be able to create unparalleled sounds very easily and magnificently has also made it possible for just about anyone to grab it and steal it.

It is not cheap at all to produce, record, and then market a record album, and there are many record labels who are very concerned by this trend. People are actually buying less music in the traditional manner because of this, and it is of great concern to everyone in the industry.

It has cut down appreciably on the chance for newer artists to have a label even give them an audition because record labels are tightening up the numbers of an artist with whom they are a likely record, as it costs too much money to be taking any risks on newer artists. The record companies are only willing to take risks on the artists that the record company is fairly sure to have sales due to a possible hit record.

While it is possible to code the CDs. for example to prevent piracy, eventually someone figures out the code, and it suddenly becomes a losing proposition for the record company.

How To Do A Proper Job Of Copyright In The Music Industry

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Creating music is always tough because one needs to make sure they are protecting their work. In the current world and music industry, your information is your asset. We live in an economy where one can profit off of their information more than their actual machines. What this means is that as a musician one will be able to make the profit and benefit from music composition, lyrics and those sort of things. They will not benefit from the instruments from what they make the music with. Intellectual property is what helps get one famous, which is why it is very important to protect it. Especially because a lot of the music nowadays is made online. This means that people can listen to your music and look at your lyrics from all over the world. What this also means is that it can be super easy for these people to steal from your work and claim it as their own. This is why as someone who is going to be making songs and writing songs one needs to take time out to learn how to do a proper copyright in the music industry. Below are some tips to help you out, so that you can get started and move forward in the right direction.

Talk To A Lawyer

The very first thing you want to do is talk to a lawyer. A lawyer is someone understands all of the technical issues and all the little deep secrets that come along with the process. They are most likely going to be able to direct your the more accurately, whereas the others will not be able to and can even give you the wrong advice, which you do not want to deal with.

Take A Look Online

You can find a lot of information online, which can help you. There are many forums that you can join to learn more about how the entire copyright system works. The best way to do this is by going online and searching up general rules to get yourself started. Once you start looking everything else will be much easier to find. The best places to start would probably be “Google”. This is a search engine site that is perfect for starting searches like this one because you want to start by making a general search and then narrowing down to things that relate to your more.

Overall, if you are someone who is planning on making music or writing music anytime soon the very first thing you want to do is figure this out. Try asking friends or family members if they know anything about this. However, the best thing to do is to ask a lawyer. A lawyer will be able to guide you and ensure that you do not mess up in any way. This is important because if you do not have a copyright, it is fair ground for someone to steal your music. To prevent this, you need to take this matter seriously.

Tips On How TO Get Into The Music Industry

music industry

Are you looking to get into the music industry? It must seem hard to even think about doing it right? There are so many issues and how will you be able to get to a point where they want to listen to you all the time?

In this day and age, you actually have more options on offer than you would have in the past. Before you just had one option and that was to go to the producer and give your mixtape. This was not always effective and most people didn’t hear back.

You have multiple options now.

Talent Shows

There are a few talent shows in each area that are great. You can also go with the nationwide ones such as American Idol or The Voice if that is what you are after. Each singer is going to have their own thing and that is important.

You might even want to just join up with the talent shows as a part of the production team. You can build contacts like that instead of joining up with the show in terms of performing. Each person has their own path and you have to find the one that you like most.


The next step would be the one that has been mentioned before and that includes going to the producer’s office. Just give them your tape and they will have a listen if you are lucky. Now, this doesn’t work as well because most of the stuff being done is online and they don’t really want physical tapes or CDs.

Yet, you could try it out because when you are passionate about what you are doing and have that commitment, you can see a lot in terms of what you are doing to get into the industry.

You might impress them with your attitude.


Yes, you can now use YouTube to get your videos out. All you have to do is show that you are talented and able to get people to listen to you. This would be great marketing as well for the producer. IT reduces the risk for them.

They know you have a fan base and that is when they will support you. They might even approach you and that is great. You need to get the channel up and do a few covers. You will have to market yourself all the time too.

This is how you get into the music industry. It is not easy and that is why the best stars are the ones who are able to keep going. They might get pushed down and that is a part of who they have to deal with, but they keep pushing.

They want to reach the top and that is how you have to be when it comes to your mindset. If your head is not in the game, how will you be able to get into the industry? You will be pushed out in a few seconds.

Get The Latest Music News And Gossip Here

Music in mobile phone

It wasn’t long ago that Blake Shelton started dating Gwen Stefani, while they were together as judges on the hit television show ‘The Voice.’ And then, like a bombshell, it was announced that Gwen was pregnant. I remember seeing it on the newsstands at a grocery checkout, and I really thought it was a lie, you know, one of those stories printed in the tabloids. However, it is 100 percent true, as Gwen really is pregnant, and her and Blake are still together.

In the most recent news dealing with the music news and gossip, did you see what the Spotify CEO said about the music industry? He essentially said that Spotify is the reason the music industry is still alive. While I do see where he’s coming from, I have news for him. People are going to keep making music, and they are going to keep selling music. Music is part of our culture.

When it comes to companies like Spotify, they might be capitalizing off of the future of the music industry, but they are also, if anything, the bane of the music industry. Do you remember what Taylor Swift said about Spotify at one point? She wouldn’t even allow her music to be used by the company.

Nick Jonas is set to put out new music, and I’m sure all the girls are happy about that one. We’ve talked about Blake Shelton’s new love, but do you remember his old flame? Miranda Lambert has found her someone, too. She is now dating Anderson East, who is an Indie artist. How are we doing so far dishing up the latest music news and gossip? Are you ready to hear more?

Evidently Steven Tyler is making country music, and Chris Young and Cassadee Pope gave a short concert while flying Southwest Airlines. The Oscars are this coming Sunday, so who do you think is going to win for best original score? The nominees have been set for quite some time, and it’s always interesting to see what happens.

Music legend David Bowie passed away not too long ago, and there have been many tributes to him since. The Voice is about to start another season, and Christina Aguilera is going to be replacing Gwen Stefani this season. Of course, I’m sure Gwen will be back soon enough. That’s about all the latest music news and gossip for now folks.