Exactly What Is Music?


Piano keyboard with headphones for musicMusic is a form of art which doesn’t have an exact meaning. In fact, there are many different definitions that attempt to describe what music is all about. Different people have varied description of music. One of the best descriptions states that music is a special and unique language that expresses the emotions and articulates an important message. This message is then conveyed through various sounds, harmonies and rhythms which produce a great form of music.

One good thing about music is that you easily conceive it when you hear it. It takes on a different level of communication assuming we want to classify it as a language. Music deeply communicates to our soul. To such a depth that we use it to take communication into a new universe that has a meaning all its own.

Music has also been called a dimension. This means that when we experience music, it becomes an immediate sensation and can be duplicated. It can be intimate, but it can be played to the world. Music can also be sensual and personal, yet it can be displayed for everyone to hear and experience.

Music is created. It is created by the songbird, by the wind whistling through the tree branches and by man himself as he hums a tune or writes an orchestral piece. Hence, we can surely consider it a language. However, it is more than just a language that is used for communication and understanding. It becomes a meaning where there is none and a display of feelings or emotions when they need to be there.

A concrete definition of how music comes to being is that it’s freely created by musicians or songwriters through their feelings. It comes from the minds that are creative and free. Free to create an ordered sequence of song. Therefore, the language of music is much more than a linguistic way of communication. This is because that which is communicated is the very being and emotion of the creator. However, it can be interpreted very differently from hearer to hearer.

Consequently, defining music is different than the way we used to define words. Words have meanings because they describe specific objects, places, forms and so forth. Music is a little more difficult to pin down. It’s because it is much more free-flowing than are words.

Music flows in various patterns. It also has different rhythms, volume and intensity. These are qualities of music that cannot be simply kept into a box. They must be experienced in order to be appreciated. Thus it makes the “language” of music very unique. It communicates feelings or emotions, closeness and charm. It also is extremely pleasurable and can definitely arouse one’s interest.

Why You Should Use Creative Commons Music

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When you are going to use music for a video that you are producing for some marketing purposes, make sure that this music is not protected by copyright. If you use copyrighted music, you will be against the laws and be sued by the owner. That’s why it is important to use what is called Creative Commons Music. It is a Royalty Free Music that is freely available to be used by the public. Read on to know more about Creative Commons Music and why it s the best to use, especially when you are just starting out.

What is Creative Commons?

This is an organization dedicated to extend creative works such as images or songs to the public free of charge. This means people can freely and legally use Creative Commons for their various projects without the risk of being sued. This applies not only to songs and images, but also to any type of content. This includes movies which are all available for free. You can tell if the work is licensed by Creative Commons if it has a CC designation. The CC mark means that it is free from copyright licensing. Anyone can use this material and be made part of anything that they are making or producing, allowing them to call it their own.

Reasons to Use CC Music

There are a few vital reasons why you should use Creative Commons Music. First of all, it can be very expensive to use music that is not designated as Creative Commons. The amount of money that you would need to spend to use this music, in comparison to how much you would profit from the video to market your product, would probably be in stark contrast. That’s why, until you have a proven marketing system where you are generating substantial profits, you should never consider using anything but Creative Commons for any videos or even music that you are going to produce. If you are sued by someone who claims that you have violated their copyright, you will more than likely end up losing in court.

Where to Find CC Music Online

Creative Commons Music can be found all over the Internet. Some websites only have that type of music and make it freely downloadable. The reason that they host this type of music is because they make money from the advertisements that are posted on their website that other people will click. These websites can be found in many locations. By simply searching for CC music on the web, you will be prompted to a search result that shows websites offering CC music. Simply download what you want. Use it for whatever project that you have in mind without worrying about any type of legal action.

The best thing about using Creative Commons Music is that you cannot violate any copyright law. So, you won’t be sued by anyone for illegally using a work that is protected by copyright. Take advantage of all of the Creative Commons music that is freely available online. You can use it either for fun or for profit and in any way that it serves you the best.