The Future Of The Music Industry

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If you’re curious to learn more about the potential future of the music industry, then you’ve come to the right place.


Of course, while nobody can predict the future for sure – and new technology can always have a significant impact on the way we enjoy music – there’s no denying that many changes have occurred over recent decades, and these are sure to have important follow-on effects that may forever change the course of musical history.


In this guide, we are going to discuss some of the primary factors responsible for the changes in the music industry nowadays, and how these may affect the future, so let’s begin.


First of all, Internet piracy has played a significant role in how artists make money from their music – and while some people believe that piracy isn’t necessarily having a huge impact on the profits within the music industry, many big label producers would certainly disagree. What’s more, smaller, independent artists can often struggle to fund their work due to the impact that Internet piracy has.


But another key factor is modern technology – and more specifically – how it has forever changed the way people listen to and enjoy music. In particular, streaming services such as Spotify and Deezer allow people to enjoy music for free, albeit interlaced with advertising. But for a small fee, it’s possible to sign up for a premium account, which allows you to digest a huge swathe of music for one low monthly price.


Of course, this is fantastic news for any music fan who is looking to indulge in a broad and eclectic taste in music. However, many record labels and artists have complained that the reimbursement they receive from the rental rights of streaming services are minuscule in comparison to the money they would make from people purchasing their music outright.


On the other hand, some artists eagerly support these services, because it allows them to broaden their reach and increase their audience around the world. So for a beginning artist, these services can allow them to reach a whole new audience and ultimately build a career out of thin air – without needing to rely so heavily on the approval of a big-name record label.


Yet another key aspect of the music industry is live performance – and even though the Internet age has resulted in disaster for many artists, there is still a huge percentage of the population who attend live music events, and for many artists, this gives them the potential to build their audience and earn a respectable income from their craft.


Based on the way things are going, it’s clear to see that many artists are focusing more on the live music industry, rather than hoping to earn big bucks from selling records by themselves.


While big-name artists can still succeed through the traditional route, it’s becoming clear that newer, fledgling artists are struggling to receive exposure due to the fact of record labels not being willing to take a risk on anything that isn’t guaranteed to turn a significant profit.


But live music still provides a fantastic avenue for an artist to express themselves to a wider audience and see if they can build a career from their talent and skill.


Ultimately, the future of the music industry can look either promising or scary, depending on the viewpoint you view it from. For listeners, there has never been a more convenient time to appreciate a diverse range of music. But for artists, it can be difficult to gain the much-needed exposure to make a decent living from the craft.


While nobody can tell what will happen for sure, it’s guaranteed that the future of music is going to be very different than times gone by.

How Technology Has Affected The Music Industry

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Modern technology has affected the music industry in many positive ways because it has not been too long ago when the recording was extremely laborious and time-consuming. For example, a recording artist such as Bobby Vee back in the 1960s would have to do a complete song, backed by strings, percussion, and other needed instruments.

Then a master would be made from the tape that worked the best, and made into vinyl which became the final product that was sold.

Now with everything electronic, the strings, percussion, keyboard and whatever else is needed is simply added from the computer as the artist sings. Backgrounds can be added, and the whole affair becomes a canvas of sound.

While this is a good thing, and the recording can now be distributed by MP3 and MP$ and CD, it is also very easy for someone to copy and hijack the song, or just get it for free by copying someone else’s copy.

What has happened is that the record companies are in constant jeopardy of losing their investment in an artist and his or her music since it is so easy to rip it off, and just get it for free. This cuts out an immense profit on the time and investment it took to create the music in the first place.

So, technology has been a double-edged sword in that what has enabled the industry to be able to create unparalleled sounds very easily and magnificently has also made it possible for just about anyone to grab it and steal it.

It is not cheap at all to produce, record, and then market a record album, and there are many record labels who are very concerned by this trend. People are actually buying less music in the traditional manner because of this, and it is of great concern to everyone in the industry.

It has cut down appreciably on the chance for newer artists to have a label even give them an audition because record labels are tightening up the numbers of an artist with whom they are a likely record, as it costs too much money to be taking any risks on newer artists. The record companies are only willing to take risks on the artists that the record company is fairly sure to have sales due to a possible hit record.

While it is possible to code the CDs. for example to prevent piracy, eventually someone figures out the code, and it suddenly becomes a losing proposition for the record company.

How To Do A Proper Job Of Copyright In The Music Industry

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Creating music is always tough because one needs to make sure they are protecting their work. In the current world and music industry, your information is your asset. We live in an economy where one can profit off of their information more than their actual machines. What this means is that as a musician one will be able to make the profit and benefit from music composition, lyrics and those sort of things. They will not benefit from the instruments from what they make the music with. Intellectual property is what helps get one famous, which is why it is very important to protect it. Especially because a lot of the music nowadays is made online. This means that people can listen to your music and look at your lyrics from all over the world. What this also means is that it can be super easy for these people to steal from your work and claim it as their own. This is why as someone who is going to be making songs and writing songs one needs to take time out to learn how to do a proper copyright in the music industry. Below are some tips to help you out, so that you can get started and move forward in the right direction.

Talk To A Lawyer

The very first thing you want to do is talk to a lawyer. A lawyer is someone understands all of the technical issues and all the little deep secrets that come along with the process. They are most likely going to be able to direct your the more accurately, whereas the others will not be able to and can even give you the wrong advice, which you do not want to deal with.

Take A Look Online

You can find a lot of information online, which can help you. There are many forums that you can join to learn more about how the entire copyright system works. The best way to do this is by going online and searching up general rules to get yourself started. Once you start looking everything else will be much easier to find. The best places to start would probably be “Google”. This is a search engine site that is perfect for starting searches like this one because you want to start by making a general search and then narrowing down to things that relate to your more.

Overall, if you are someone who is planning on making music or writing music anytime soon the very first thing you want to do is figure this out. Try asking friends or family members if they know anything about this. However, the best thing to do is to ask a lawyer. A lawyer will be able to guide you and ensure that you do not mess up in any way. This is important because if you do not have a copyright, it is fair ground for someone to steal your music. To prevent this, you need to take this matter seriously.

Tips On How TO Get Into The Music Industry

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Are you looking to get into the music industry? It must seem hard to even think about doing it right? There are so many issues and how will you be able to get to a point where they want to listen to you all the time?

In this day and age, you actually have more options on offer than you would have in the past. Before you just had one option and that was to go to the producer and give your mixtape. This was not always effective and most people didn’t hear back.

You have multiple options now.

Talent Shows

There are a few talent shows in each area that are great. You can also go with the nationwide ones such as American Idol or The Voice if that is what you are after. Each singer is going to have their own thing and that is important.

You might even want to just join up with the talent shows as a part of the production team. You can build contacts like that instead of joining up with the show in terms of performing. Each person has their own path and you have to find the one that you like most.


The next step would be the one that has been mentioned before and that includes going to the producer’s office. Just give them your tape and they will have a listen if you are lucky. Now, this doesn’t work as well because most of the stuff being done is online and they don’t really want physical tapes or CDs.

Yet, you could try it out because when you are passionate about what you are doing and have that commitment, you can see a lot in terms of what you are doing to get into the industry.

You might impress them with your attitude.


Yes, you can now use YouTube to get your videos out. All you have to do is show that you are talented and able to get people to listen to you. This would be great marketing as well for the producer. IT reduces the risk for them.

They know you have a fan base and that is when they will support you. They might even approach you and that is great. You need to get the channel up and do a few covers. You will have to market yourself all the time too.

This is how you get into the music industry. It is not easy and that is why the best stars are the ones who are able to keep going. They might get pushed down and that is a part of who they have to deal with, but they keep pushing.

They want to reach the top and that is how you have to be when it comes to your mindset. If your head is not in the game, how will you be able to get into the industry? You will be pushed out in a few seconds.

Get The Latest Music News And Gossip Here

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It wasn’t long ago that Blake Shelton started dating Gwen Stefani, while they were together as judges on the hit television show ‘The Voice.’ And then, like a bombshell, it was announced that Gwen was pregnant. I remember seeing it on the newsstands at a grocery checkout, and I really thought it was a lie, you know, one of those stories printed in the tabloids. However, it is 100 percent true, as Gwen really is pregnant, and her and Blake are still together.

In the most recent news dealing with the music news and gossip, did you see what the Spotify CEO said about the music industry? He essentially said that Spotify is the reason the music industry is still alive. While I do see where he’s coming from, I have news for him. People are going to keep making music, and they are going to keep selling music. Music is part of our culture.

When it comes to companies like Spotify, they might be capitalizing off of the future of the music industry, but they are also, if anything, the bane of the music industry. Do you remember what Taylor Swift said about Spotify at one point? She wouldn’t even allow her music to be used by the company.

Nick Jonas is set to put out new music, and I’m sure all the girls are happy about that one. We’ve talked about Blake Shelton’s new love, but do you remember his old flame? Miranda Lambert has found her someone, too. She is now dating Anderson East, who is an Indie artist. How are we doing so far dishing up the latest music news and gossip? Are you ready to hear more?

Evidently Steven Tyler is making country music, and Chris Young and Cassadee Pope gave a short concert while flying Southwest Airlines. The Oscars are this coming Sunday, so who do you think is going to win for best original score? The nominees have been set for quite some time, and it’s always interesting to see what happens.

Music legend David Bowie passed away not too long ago, and there have been many tributes to him since. The Voice is about to start another season, and Christina Aguilera is going to be replacing Gwen Stefani this season. Of course, I’m sure Gwen will be back soon enough. That’s about all the latest music news and gossip for now folks.

Advantages of Music Therapy

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Music therapy is a powerful means to fight against stress. This is because you can find comfort in listening to your favourite music. In fact, doing this can even help you manage the pain or whatever it is that is distressing you. Music can put you into an overall feeling of ease and comfort that is hard to find from any other means. As a matter of fact, music therapy is used to help treat mental health problems and depression. This is simply because music can help relax the active mind. Many studies have been conducted to showcase music therapy as a high quality alternative treatment option for people to consider. Let’s take a look at some of its advantages.

Fast and Effective

Many studies have shown the fast and effective results of music therapy as found in patients who were dealing with mental health problems. It didn’t just have an effect on those who were dealing with mild symptoms, but even those who had major conditions that had to be treated immediately. The speed with which this option works and what it can do for those who are dealing with these issues is significant. Hence, this is something you should be considering. Those who don’t go down this path won’t experience immediate and effective results.


The chance to be able to relax your mind to the sound of music is pleasing to most people. The value of music therapy is indeed hugely beneficial and you will definitely feel mentally healthy. However, music isn’t only a good therapy for mental illness. In fact, a lot of people enjoy music for relaxing and unwinding the body and mind after a long stressful day’s work. Just listening to a soothing and relaxing music once in a while gives a positive impact to your body and mind.


Being a painless therapy option is one of the great advantages of applying music therapy in the first place. You never have to worry about having this kind of treatment because the idea of music alone puts your mind at ease. Music will let you relax as it’s not going to hurt you along the way as other treatments do.


It does not take a lot of tasks to complete this therapy. This is especially relaxing for patients who are unsure about what they are getting into and how it’s going to affect them. Music therapy is not as difficult as you might assume. The goal is to help you be able to relax right away. For many people, music is the only way to ensure they are able to simmer down and remain relaxed at all times. It is indeed great to use this as the best option for relaxation. In fact, many patients are being recommended to try this therapy out. It is also very simple and easy to follow right away as most people love and enjoy listening to music..

These are just a few of the advantages of music therapy that you should be applying to yourself today. You will definitely begin notice the overall benefits right off the bat when you opt to choose this option. In fact, most people state this is the best way to go in this day and age.

Music Genres Are More Eclectic Than You Think

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When people talk about music genres, they tend to think in fairly black and white terms. They would think about rap, rock, bluegrass and classical or any other music genre. There are quite a number of them and only music academics as well as people who really love musical theory know them all.

However, even though people might think in black and white when it comes to music genres, the truth is it’s more complicated than that. Only a small amount of music fits fully and completely within one specific genre. Not only that, but genres are constantly changing and evolving with the tastes of the people who like to listen to them.

A great example of this is country music. If you listen to country music from thirty years ago, you will notice that it is entirely different from the recent releases. The two are hardly the same kind of music. Older country music used a lot of acoustic instruments and a great deal of violin as well as steel guitar. These days, however, country music has taken a lot of inspiration from hip-hop and rock. You’ll now find a number of country songs that use electric guitars and there’s hardly a violin to be heard.

Does that mean modern country music can’t be considered as country music? Not at all! It’s just that country music has evolved over time. In fact, you’ll sometimes hear people refer to “modern country” as a way to differentiate the flavours of country music. The two styles are almost different enough to be of different genres. But, it’s not entirely different enough for people to consider them having different genres.

This is true for most musical genres. Hip-hop is a genre that’s derivative of R&B (otherwise known as Rhythm and Blues). However, the two are different enough that they’re now completely considered as different genres. That’s not even counting the amount of hip-hop songs that are nearly rap, or the number of rap songs that are nearly hip-hop. It’s not that these songs aren’t the genre they are, it’s because artists enjoy mixing influences and often do not feel beholden to a specific style.

The easiest spot to see how musical genres change over the years is the pop genre. Pop is a shortened term for popular. It is really just a catch-all term for music that’s particularly popular in the mainstream, yet doesn’t clearly fit into any other genre. You can easily see over the years how pop has changed and evolved. This is evident from the days of Micheal Jackson, who was considered the king of pop to Brittney Spears. It is even obvious until today with artists such as Rihanna and Taylor Swift.

So, if anyone tells you that musical genres are obvious, laugh at them. The simple truth is that music genres are ever changing and evolving. They also take influence from other genres. If there’s one thing an artist loves doing, it’s going to be experimenting with music. Musicians are artists, after all.

Exactly What Is Music?


Piano keyboard with headphones for musicMusic is a form of art which doesn’t have an exact meaning. In fact, there are many different definitions that attempt to describe what music is all about. Different people have varied description of music. One of the best descriptions states that music is a special and unique language that expresses the emotions and articulates an important message. This message is then conveyed through various sounds, harmonies and rhythms which produce a great form of music.

One good thing about music is that you easily conceive it when you hear it. It takes on a different level of communication assuming we want to classify it as a language. Music deeply communicates to our soul. To such a depth that we use it to take communication into a new universe that has a meaning all its own.

Music has also been called a dimension. This means that when we experience music, it becomes an immediate sensation and can be duplicated. It can be intimate, but it can be played to the world. Music can also be sensual and personal, yet it can be displayed for everyone to hear and experience.

Music is created. It is created by the songbird, by the wind whistling through the tree branches and by man himself as he hums a tune or writes an orchestral piece. Hence, we can surely consider it a language. However, it is more than just a language that is used for communication and understanding. It becomes a meaning where there is none and a display of feelings or emotions when they need to be there.

A concrete definition of how music comes to being is that it’s freely created by musicians or songwriters through their feelings. It comes from the minds that are creative and free. Free to create an ordered sequence of song. Therefore, the language of music is much more than a linguistic way of communication. This is because that which is communicated is the very being and emotion of the creator. However, it can be interpreted very differently from hearer to hearer.

Consequently, defining music is different than the way we used to define words. Words have meanings because they describe specific objects, places, forms and so forth. Music is a little more difficult to pin down. It’s because it is much more free-flowing than are words.

Music flows in various patterns. It also has different rhythms, volume and intensity. These are qualities of music that cannot be simply kept into a box. They must be experienced in order to be appreciated. Thus it makes the “language” of music very unique. It communicates feelings or emotions, closeness and charm. It also is extremely pleasurable and can definitely arouse one’s interest.

Why You Should Use Creative Commons Music

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When you are going to use music for a video that you are producing for some marketing purposes, make sure that this music is not protected by copyright. If you use copyrighted music, you will be against the laws and be sued by the owner. That’s why it is important to use what is called Creative Commons Music. It is a Royalty Free Music that is freely available to be used by the public. Read on to know more about Creative Commons Music and why it s the best to use, especially when you are just starting out.

What is Creative Commons?

This is an organization dedicated to extend creative works such as images or songs to the public free of charge. This means people can freely and legally use Creative Commons for their various projects without the risk of being sued. This applies not only to songs and images, but also to any type of content. This includes movies which are all available for free. You can tell if the work is licensed by Creative Commons if it has a CC designation. The CC mark means that it is free from copyright licensing. Anyone can use this material and be made part of anything that they are making or producing, allowing them to call it their own.

Reasons to Use CC Music

There are a few vital reasons why you should use Creative Commons Music. First of all, it can be very expensive to use music that is not designated as Creative Commons. The amount of money that you would need to spend to use this music, in comparison to how much you would profit from the video to market your product, would probably be in stark contrast. That’s why, until you have a proven marketing system where you are generating substantial profits, you should never consider using anything but Creative Commons for any videos or even music that you are going to produce. If you are sued by someone who claims that you have violated their copyright, you will more than likely end up losing in court.

Where to Find CC Music Online

Creative Commons Music can be found all over the Internet. Some websites only have that type of music and make it freely downloadable. The reason that they host this type of music is because they make money from the advertisements that are posted on their website that other people will click. These websites can be found in many locations. By simply searching for CC music on the web, you will be prompted to a search result that shows websites offering CC music. Simply download what you want. Use it for whatever project that you have in mind without worrying about any type of legal action.

The best thing about using Creative Commons Music is that you cannot violate any copyright law. So, you won’t be sued by anyone for illegally using a work that is protected by copyright. Take advantage of all of the Creative Commons music that is freely available online. You can use it either for fun or for profit and in any way that it serves you the best.

The Relationship between Music and Emotions

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Music and emotion are closely related and connected to each other. This is why music is considered as one of the most intimate form of expression. In one of the most criticised definition, music has been described as a fabrication that uses mathematical manipulation of sounds being put together to provoke emotional response.

Love songs or romantic music has been used in courtship because it is deeply associated with emotions. It can effectively communicate the lovers’ feelings. Just like poetry, music uses well crafted lyrics to either give hope, pleasure and joy. There are also music that can uplift you on times of sadness and disappointment. It can also stir up your faith, love, joy and other emotions.

Science has also found a meaningful relationship between music and emotions. Hence, music is currently utilised as aid to treat children with communication disorders. Some of these disorders include autism in children and Alzheimer’s disease in adults. According to research conducted by Northwestern University, it was found that a human’s brain responds to music in a particular manner. Music plays a critical role in perceiving emotions.

The ability of perceiving emotions in music is thought to develop early in children. It improves significantly as the child matures. It is largely associated with culture and is influenced by cultural inclinations. There are two schools of thoughts that have given their approaches to music. According to Cognitivists approach, music displays emotions but does not allow the listener to display his emotional feelings. However Emotivists argue that music affects and elicits emotional responses in the listener.

There are specific features of music that are associated with particular emotions. Tempo is one of the features that is considered very important. There are also other factors such as melody, mode and loudness which influence emotional valence of any piece of music. Tempo creates excitement and can cause anger as well. Slow tempos are associated with serenity and sadness.

Harmonies too affect emotions. If they are complementing they bring happiness, serenity and relaxation. However, if the harmonies are clashing, they can create anger, excitement and unpleasantness. Smooth rhythm offers happiness and peace while irregular and rough music can elicit uneasiness. Varied rhythm on the other hand elicits joy.

The way a piece of music is executed by a performer determines how it will impact on the emotions of the listeners. If the performers have the ability to be physically present in their performance, they can elicit some reasonable amount of emotions. The performers’ reputation and skills play a role in motivating the listeners. It affects them emotionally. That is why you will often find listeners singing alongside the performer.

There are also some features in the individual listener that contribute to how a particular music impacts on him emotionally. Similarly, the occasion and the location such as funeral or wedding determine the amount of emotions that a particular music will elicit. The presence of certain factors may also influence and affect the emotions of a child. Thus, emotions may be high if more factors are present. Similarly, the absent of these factors may reduce the emotions associated with a particular piece of music.